Jeremiah is a father, husband and ministry leader with a passion for God and people. 

He moved into the Gettysburg area in 2002 with his beautiful wife, Cori and since then he has been blessed with two children, Sam and Zion. 

His love for creativity and the arts is clearly seen in his skills as a musician and performer in the church and his community.

his love for God can be found in his unwavering desire to connect with Others! These two things come together at the Intersection, born from the vision God gave him to create a place where people can find the place in their life where faith and creativity meet.

Cori Is A Mother and wife with a call to train artists and creatives in their passion.

Cori (Keller) Herbert leads our Center of the Arts ministry involving productions, dance, drama and musical instrument training, as well as voice instruction.


In 2010, Jeremiah and Cori Herbert stepped out in obedience to the vision God placed on their hearts and launched The Intersection Church, in Gettysburg, PA. With a strong passion for JESUS...

The Intersection is a place where Faith & Creativity meet.

This isn't church like you've ever seen it before.  This is a home, a family ... Jeremiah and Cori speaking together offering a unique delivery style during Sunday morning service, providing an intimacy that feels more like friends sharing the most important thing they know with their closest of friends.