The Street

Preschool through 4th grade

The Street is committed to teaching children to have a relationship with Jesus, be filled with the Holy Spirit, and bring their friends to church by creating a fun, engaging, and safe environment. We don’t under estimate the time we have with your kids each week. With that said, As an Intersection Street Kids Team we want to develop an atmosphere of love and encouragement where kids will learn to:

Experience a Relationship with Jesus
Make Godly Choices
Love their Family
Discover and develop their God given imagination, and to
impact the world around them


Imagination Place

Infant through Preschool

Currently, one of our most exciting ministries happens during the services. While adults are in our sanctuary hearing God's Word, the babies and preschool - aged children or our church are experiencing God's love first hand.

If you are a parent of an infant through preschool - aged child, we invite you to register your children and allow them to experience an amazing time with amazing people as they worship, pray and learn about Jesus. Our infant classroom is dedicated to maintaining a loving, nurturing atmosphere for your little ones. We believe that, as you pursue God, it is a blessing to care, pray over and encourage your children.

 We do more than baby sit. We share Jesus.

Want to care for toddlers and infants? Here's how you can help share the love of Jesus with our kids at The Intersection

 Jeff kutz Next Gen Pastor

Jeff kutz
Next Gen Pastor

You could be a valuable part of our Family Ministries Team

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