Pastor Jenn Vintigni- Community Pastor


Jenn grew up in Wilmington, Delaware as a pastor's daughter and very young realized her passion and call into the ministry. Throughout high school she worked along side and under the leadership of Rev. Trish Gunn, an amazing and talented Children's Pastor at her church and fell in love working with children and  seeing their lives changed to honor Jesus.

In 2007, Jenn graduated Gettysburg Masters Commission and received a degree from Valley Forge College in Biblical Studies.

Fifteen years ago Jenn met John Vintigni and on August 4, 2007 they were married. Their unity in vision and hearts are seeing the families of Adams County thrive.

In 2010, Jenn helped launch the Intersection Church where creativity and faith meet. For the last 5 years, Jenn ministered to our children and families. Recently, Jenn's vision changed with a desire to serve our community. Her goal is to see kids, families, and adults not only meet Jesus but thrive in their every day world.

In 2015 Pastor Jeremiah and Cori began to see this new vision from God for Jenn’s heart and work for the larger community outside of the church ministry. They began to seek and pray along side of Jenn and asked God for a plan. 

as God leads, Jenn is leading our community and outreach team. Her heart is for everyone in Gettysburg and Adams County to know and experience the joy only Jesus Christ has prepared for each of them. Through creativity and faith, Jenn believes that we will see Adams County changed as we share the love of Christ and living an intentional life for Him, as One Community. 


Jenn can be reached at