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TILT (The Intersection Leadership Training)

TILT, at it's core, is the desire to help people feel prepared as they begin serving through RELATIONSHIPGENEROSITYDOCTRINE & SACRIFICE.

TILT is a one day intensive training; consisting of 4 classes, running approx. 30 minutes each. 

The next step for any person who is looking to take church beyond the Sunday morning service. Would you like to move from patron to volunteer, to leader? Do you feel the Holy Spirit urging you to towards ministry? This is the foundation which you begin to build upon.


  1. Opening                               (10 min)

  2. UpSideDown Relationships                (25 min)

  3. The Non-Negotiables - Church Doctrine        (25 min)

  4. 3 T’s of Giving (Time, Talent, Treasure)        (25 min)

  5. The Sacrifice of Ministry                (25 min)

  6. Closing Summation (Lifestyle)            (10 min)

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Later Event: April 5
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